How a Backlit Frame Can Change the Way You Hang Your Photos

Backlit frames for your photographs can help you overcome one of the biggest challenges faced when decorating a room. This is the problem of sorting out the lighting. Any photographer worth his salt knows that lighting is the biggest factor when it comes to composing and taking a picture. With proper lighting effects one can bring life to any picture. It helps in bringing out the colors and contrast of the picture. With New Light Portrait’s LED technology, any photo can be rejuvenated and made the center of everyone’s attention. The product is so revolutionary that it can change the way people hang photos and opens up a world of new possibilities.

1. A room that lacks a decent light source will lead to a painting that gets overlooked. However, with the backlit frame, the picture carries its own light source that illuminates the painting from behind and thus the painting will be visible even in complete darkness.

2. The painting will be illuminated with LED lights imparting an evenly spread soft glow that does not clash with the ambient light. Additionally, they can always be switched off when not needed.

3. An illuminated background means that there will not be any issues of external lights reflecting off the glass covering of the frame. This means that the painting can be hung anywhere, in front of an open window or even directly in front of another light source. This will also stop other objects in the room being from being reflected on the glass.

4. The backlit frame also eliminates the need of other bulky spotlights or track lighting to illuminate the picture. This means that picture can now be easily hung without planning for space to accommodate the lighting fixture. This opens up spaces like staircases where previously there was a risk of injury upon hanging photos at eye level. The thinness of the frame (5/16th of an inch) also works to our benefit. This also means that there is nothing blocking the view of the picture from the viewer.

5. Each frame is covered by a warranty for 2 years giving users a hassle free experience. Previously spotlights or track lighting would have needed considerably more maintenance.

6. Since frames of a wide range of sizes can be made (8X10 to 24X36) means that big pictures can now be put up without worrying about their illumination needs.

7. There are some complications though that may be faced when putting up these frames. They need a power source to function although their power requirements are very low in comparison. For this purpose, each frame comes equipped with a 6 feet long power cord. Extensions can also be provided as needed making connecting them extremely easy. In order to maintain the aesthetics of the painting most users hide the cord behind the painting and the wall.

To conclude, New Light Portrait is an excellent product that can help anyone create a gallery in their own home without compromising on the aesthetics of the room. It provides a very minimalist approach to providing a solution to illumination needs without making a huge dent in your budget.

from New Light Portrait


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